Keep Mac Awake

Simply keep your Mac awake for running intensive tasks while you go to sleep


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Welcome to Keep Mac Awake

Keep Mac Awake is here to help your work done using your own Mac. You just need a few clicks to caffeinate your Mac and then it will work throughout the night to get things done for you.


Why Keep Mac Awake?


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How does it work?


We will configure the output based on your choices. The output will be in the following format caffeinate <argument> -t <duration> &


argument is one of the functions that you could enable. There are 4 additional functions and a default one. If you just want to leave it as default, choose the None option.

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duration is the amount of time you want to prevent your Mac from sleeping. The input of duration will be counted in Minute

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Made for MacOS

Keep Mac Awake is made possible on MacOS by the introduction of MacOS Monterey. Find one function of Keep Mac Awake that suits you best now!


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Please feel free to leave feedback, suggestions or requests for new features in the comment below. I hope that you will find my Shortcut somewhat useful for you. Have a nice dream!


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Latest Release Notes

1.0 - April 6, 2022, 8:05 a.m.

Welcome to Keep Mac Awake!

In this version, we bring new features to Keep Mac Awake like:
- Introduce 4 additional functions to be activated alongside with the default one
- Support for running in MacOS (12.3.1)