Baseball Schedule 2022

This shortcut generates a 2022 monthly schedule and overlays it on a photo to set as your wallpaper!


Baseball Schedule

Having your team's schedule at your fingertips is always great, and this shortcut will generate a mini-schedule for your team and overlay it on a photo for your lock screen.


How it works

The shortcut works by connecting to the MLB StatsAPI and getting your team's schedule, and then loading that into a calendar image. You can also optionally put your team's logo on the screen.

  • First, it prompts for your team name.
  • It will also prompt for the month you want to schedule, defaulting to the current month.
  • It will ask for a photo to use as the background.
  • Finally it'll ask if you want to add a team logo. Some logos get in the way of text.

First Run

The first time you run the shortcut, it will prompt you for a few things:

  • Allow access to photos, to choose a background.
  • Allow access to connect to the web site This is MLB's API so the shortcut can get game dates & times.
  • Allow access to Save a photo & Set Wallpaper.


Reduce Motion

This shortcut enables "Reduce Motion" right before it sets the wallpaper, and turns it off after.

  1. If you use Reduce Motion, you will need to turn it back on after the shortcut is completed.
  2. If you do not use Reduce Motion, and you cancel out of the shortcut before it is complete, you may have to turn it off or run the shortcut again to completion.

Compatible Devices

  1. The shortcut works best with iPhones that have Face ID.
  2. If your iPhone has Touch ID, it should still work but the wallpaper will be too tall and you will have to move/scale it appropriately.
  3. iPads will be really wonky. I will update the shortcut to handle more device sizes in the future. Maybe in version 1.0.

iOS 15.5 beta

The shortcut is not currently working on iOS 15.5 beta due to a new prompt about allowing web content. I have reported this to Apple, and will see if I can build in a workaround.

Hope you enjoy!

Latest Release Notes

0.90 - April 8, 2022, 12:50 a.m.

This version is a rewrite of the calendar and image system.
1. it no longer connects to my server for calendar or images, they're all stored within the shortcut.
2. it now prompts to connect to the MLB API
3. it should work for people who were previously getting a blank calendar.


Version history