iCloud Drive Data Backup

The first universal shortcut to make a backup of your iCloud Drive! Makes backup of your iCloud.


It’s my first universal shortcut to make a backup of iCloud Drive! Note: If the backup has been making so long, don’t worry. It’s normally for creating a archive of all your iCloud Drive files. Do you ever wanted to create a backup of your iCloud Drive? Download this shortcut now! It’s universal. You can save the backup everywhere, even save iCloud Drive backup in iCloud Drive. You can also create a folder to save all backups there. My backup, 39 files, taked 1 GB. How to use: Start the shortcut, click OK (the warning has been deleted with the latest update) and then wait time for shortcut creating the backup. If any music is in pause, it will be not automatically played and stopped with the latest update (1.1).

Latest Release Notes

1.1 - May 20, 2022, 7:03 a.m.

Why not make 2 in 1? Already was thinking to make a shortcut named Photos Backup.
Added Photos Backup, and added limits (Ultra, Normal, Extreme) Ultra: No limit, Normal: 100 files, Super: 300 files. Now also music does not automatically stop and play. Also deleted the warning. Updaters soon!

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