Timezone GMT updated 18/01/2019

All Capital Cities and 470 others, find the time almost anywhere.


This has taken some time (no pun intended) to put together this a complicated shortcut, using Dictionary’s and a lot of hard work in finding the data, and checking it’s operation.

I have learnt a hell of a lot from this and hope someone with more experience will take this to the next level.

Using the capital cities of each country and pulling down the second from GMT to adjust time its quick and simple to use. Enjoy Tony

Updated: 9/12/18

Add in another 470 Cities decided by Capital Cities and others.

Added in two adjustment dates to allow you to adjust to your timezone to correct those not in a GMT location.

Please follow the instructions inside the shortcut.

In addition I have also added a google map link to show wherein the world you just looked at.

Note the weather has been added and displays for most Cities and are displayed some are note displayed and some will crash the shortcut this is due to the Weather Channel get weather app crashing it is not the shortcut. I am in two mind to remove this feature but it is Useful when it works.

If the is an issue please leave comments On Reddit /shortcuts.

Latest Release Notes

1 - Jan. 18, 2019, 10:35 a.m.

Added weather, Note ***** not all location can display weather so results vary.

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