UK Credit Card & Loan Repayment Calculator

Calculates Monthly & Annual Interest on Credit Card or Loan


This shortcut makes reference to £ as currency, though can be adapted for whichever currency you wish to use.

This shortcut will ask you the following:

  1. Outstanding balance remaining to be paid on the credit card or loan.

  2. % rate of APR.

  3. Monthly repayment amount.

The output from this shortcut is a credit card or loan statement.

  1. Confirmation of the balance outstanding which is what you had entered.

  2. Confirmation of the % rate of APR you had input.

  3. Confirmation of your monthly repayment amounts.

  4. The amount of interest which will be added to next months statement.

  5. The outstanding balance amount next month once deducting this months payment from previous balance and with added interest.

  6. The amount of interest that is being accrued annually.

  7. A confirmation of how much you're paying towards the balance with the amount of interest gained. Here is where you'll see how much you are actually paying off the balance as it calculates annual payments minus the interest gained.

Latest Release Notes

1 - April 16, 2022, 8:17 p.m.

First release of the Credit Card & Loan Repayment Calculator.