Let’s Share Shortcut Techniques

Built to Share Shortcut Techniques with Others Creating Shortcuts


The purpose of this shortcut is to share techniques that I and others have learned as we've developed workflows and shortcuts.

I plan to update this shortcut periodically. If you have any snippets that you would like to share, please leave a comment and I'll add them to the next version of this shortcut.

Here's a list of techniques currently included in this shortcut:

  • Shortcut Update Initiated by User
  • FileExist? TRUE, return contents; FALSE, create file, set contents
  • Dictionary & RepeatWithEach to ReplaceText x N
  • Create Help and Display in Safari (Markdown Source)
  • Force Shortcut Execution in the Shortcuts App
  • Speed Shortcut Execution by Hiding Editor Updates
  • Write to a Device-specific iCloud Folder
  • Generate a Multiple Line Prompt (e.g., with Ask for Input)
  • Pick a Subset of Shortcuts
  • IF with OR logic
  • Encode a Web Sound & Prepare to Embed
  • Write Contents of Dictionary to a New Note

As an example, here's a dialog for the Shortcut Update Initiated by User technique.

Latest Release Notes

2.4 - Dec. 15, 2018, 7:25 p.m.

- Modified 1 Technique:
Shortcut Update Initiated by User; added emojis to the menu selections; improved the prompt for the menus when 'UpdateKit' and 'Check For Updates' is not found; if browsing to 'UpdateKit' or 'Check For Updates' site, added 'Exit Shortcut'. This is needed if the user chooses to download either one.

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