Shortcut Hub

All your Shortcuts, Anywhere!


Shortcut Hub is an easy way to search for and run any shortcut in your library. It provides a list of all your shortcuts, and a search function to find exactly what you need. There are even a few customizable settings to tune it to your needs.

You can add it to a widget to easily run any shortcut without opening the app! If you have a Mac, I recommend using it in the menu bar for easy access.

These are the settings that can be accessed at the top of the shortcut editor:

Auto Search [true or false] - If true, running this shortcut will immediately prompt for you to search instead of showing you a list first.

Use Input [true or false] - If true, the shortcut input will be passed through to the selected shortcut.

Use Limit [true or false] - If true, the shortcut will limit the number of shortcuts in the list based on the value set below, otherwise it will be ignored and all shortucts will appear in the list.

Limit [number] - Limit the number of shortcuts that will show up in the initial list to improve speed for users with a large amount of shortcuts. A large list may cause lag on certain devices or iOS versions. *Note: This will not affect the number of results from a search!


To check for updates, run this shortcut, then scroll to the bottom of the list and select “Check for Updates”

Latest Release Notes

2.4 - July 16, 2023, 6:11 p.m.

Added the ability to pass through input to the selected shortcut (can be disabled)

Version history