Quick Controls Dev

Away to test new changes freshly and originally before they are brought into a new update for beta t


This is the development branch for Quick Controls. This branch allows you to test newly created changes before they are pushed into the beta branch for testing a new update. New changes in this branch may come in different updates at different times depending on The time they work as planned and desired by users. Your feedback is extremely crucial in this branch as it will shape the future of other branches. Please note that builds in this branch may be unstable and features may be updated and changed frequently as these builds test out the changes that are still currently in development.

Build 2022.6.8.26 coming soon.

Latest Release Notes

2022.6.8.11 - May 30, 2022, 6:45 p.m.

This build adds full support and integration with iOS 15 focus modes (iOS 15.0 or later required). However, due to poor performance these new modes will not be available on Apple Watch for now. This build also fixes performance issues for iPhone and iPad systems. Please note that notifications have temporarily been removed for a redesign in the next build.