Cancel free trials BEFORE you get charged!


Free trials are a great way to test products & services before committing to purchasing or subscribing to them. Unfortunately, it’s become common to require users to enter their payment information in order to start the trial. The reason behind this is simple—they’re hoping you forget to cancel the free trial so they can charge you, typically for a monthly subscription, which is usually the most expensive option.

If you’ve ever had this happen, you know how frustrating it can be & how difficult it can be to cancel these [sometimes very expensive] subscriptions. In some apps, for example, the button or link to cancel the subscription from inside the app will be deactivated. Many times, the company, seller, team, or developer also does not respond to any communication, which makes canceling the subscription nearly impossible. We can only hope this problem is addressed sooner rather than later.

In the meantime though, there’s Cancelly! Cancelly helps you remember to cancel free trials so you don't get charged!

The first time you run Cancelly, you’ll be prompted to set your preferred events/calendar/to do app. Once set, you'll enter the name of the product or service & the length of the free trial period in days, and that's it! You will receive two (2) notifications—the first will be one (1) day prior to the end of the trial, the second will be (1) hour prior to the end of the trial.

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Latest Release Notes

2.0.0 - Aug. 4, 2023, 12:19 a.m.

- Removed [Embed-A-Update] & implemented UpdateKit API
- Optimized
-Update Onboarding screen

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