Power Reserve

Squeeze in that extra battery! Calculate how long your battery lasts!


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By reducing transparency, turning on airplane mode, activating mono audio, reducing brightness and turning off additional power draining functions, Power Reserve can give you the time you need to keep using your device! You also have the option to turn off Power Reserve.

In addition to these features, Power Reserve has the option to calculate the amount of time your battery lasts from 100% to 0% based on a formula I created: (100/BatteryInitial – BatteryFinal) • (Last time battery was charged in hours or minutes) and the ability to calculate the remaining amount of time before your battery dies in hours and minutes.

Latest Release Notes

v1.3.4 - June 27, 2022, 1:12 a.m.

v1.3.4 - June 26th 2022
+ Fixed a bug where in Calculate Battery Time, when the battery is less than 10%, it would consider that value as a tenth or of an increment of 10% battery (e.g. Your current battery: 8%, Calculate Battery Time reads: 80% showing an inaccurate remaining battery time) This was fixed by creating an If Statement to create a scenario when the battery level is below 10%
+ Power Reserve works on iOS 16! After testing Power Reserve on iOS 16 Developer Beta 2, it is confirmed that Power Reserve works on iOS 16

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