PluralKit Switch

Quickly register a switch in PluralKit


PluralKit Switch is a shortcut that allows users of the PluralKit service to quickly register a switch on PK by using a visual selection menu. I've found that it can be far more convenient than having to open a Discord server to a specified server and channel and typing the command in.

Explanation of privacy prompts

  • Send stuff to - Required to communicate with PluralKit.
  • Connect to websites - Used to fetch member avatars, which are typically hosted on Discord.
  • Connect to - Communicates with the UpdateKit updating service, which is used to determine if there is a new version of the shortcut available.
  • File creation and deletion - Used for caching processed member avatars.
  • Contacts access - This shortcut uses vCard menus, which takes advantage of options designed for choosing contacts. This shortcut does not access your actual contacts.

Security note

As an unavoidable consequence of how the PluralKit API works, your PK token is saved in plaintext in your iCloud Drive. If this is unacceptable for your security model, please do not use this shortcut.

Latest Release Notes

0.5.1 - June 20, 2022, 2:51 p.m.

Fixed bug preventing the "skip this version" functionality from working

Version history