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If you updated tvOS to the latest version (12.1.1 and above) and your Apple TV Shortcut does not work anymore, this Shortcut should be the solution!

Apple TV ON is 100% Malware Free

With Apple TV ON you‘ll be able to boot/turn on/wake up your Apple TV and TV (HDMI-CEC required) as well. You can add a Siri phrase like "Hey Siri, start Apple TV"—if you like. After turning on your ATV and TV, the Shortcut opens Apple’s Remote App (needs to be installed) to navigate or to turn off your Apple TV and TV.

After importing the Shortcut you will be prompted to enter the IP and Serial of your Apple TV. You‘ll find both in Settings > General > Info. If you don‘t want the Shortcut to open the Apple TV Remote app, simply delete the last action.

Apple TV ON

Credits: Special thanks to u/thisisalecf from Reddit!


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