All-in-One Utilities

A bunch of useful tools, packed into a single shortcut.


All-in-One Utilities

All-in-One Utilities is a shortcut that has many different useful (or entertaining) tools included in it. For example: An "Ultra Low Power Mode" for when you're running out of juice, "Park My Car" for quickly noting down parking information, or just play offline "2048"!

Features are added extremely frequently with optional updates, so stay tuned for more features in the future!

This shortcut also works from the share sheet! So you can use it in any apps that supports share sheet!

Feature requests or bug reports are very welcomed, just leave them in the feedback section and I’ll read them all.


All-in-One Utilities has been changed to MyUtility and MyUtility Core. All-in-One Utilities will no longer be maintained, and the versions with the old iTweak will be removed permanently. If you have any older versions of All-in-One Utilities, please update to the latest version asap.

MyUtility and MyUtility Core will (hopefully) be released when the new iPhones come out. It will only be compatible with iOS 13, so please be aware of that.

This Shortcut Supports Check For Updates

(Notice: This shortcut might not display properly if you’re using an 4 inch iPhone, the shortcut is optimized for iPhone 7 and iPhone XS Max so if you have an iPhone older than the 7 you might encounter issues)

Some features like Safari Tools and Running from home screen requires All-in-One Helper. Please install it if you want the full experience!

List of Utilities included:

Ultra Low Power Mode (turns down brightness, turns on airplane mode, DND and low power mode. Has an restore feature which allows it to revert the brightness back to how it was)

Reset Network (Fix network woes in seconds)

Show Clipboard (Shows your clipboard)

Network Speedtest (Redirects you to or an speedtest site of your choosing.)

Device Details (makes a .txt file of your device details)

File Downloader (Downloads a file/text/image from an URL)

Random Number Generator (Customizable random number generator)

Nearby Places (Searches nearby places for you)

Reminder (Sets a reminder for you)

Wi-Fi QR Code Generator (Generates a QR Code that contains the SSID and Password of your Wi-Fi network)

Text-to-Speech (a Text-to-Speech tool)

Scenarios (An utility that allows you to create “scenes” which can be activated and it will disable/enable settings on your phone automatically)

Safari Tools (Do multiple things on a Safari web page)(Requires All-in-One Helper)

Shortcut Backups (Lets you backup your Shortcuts.)

2048 (Stored offline so you can play without internet connection)

Random Geek Jokes (For when you desperately need a geek joke for whatever reason)

Guess the Emoji (Guess the name of an emoji)

Remove moisture from device speaker (An utility that plays a sine tone that can remove moisture from your speakers)

Convert GIF (Converts Videos/Live Photos into a GIF)

Park My Car (Lets you mark down parking information so you don't lose your car!)

Scan QR Code (Lets you scan QR Codes, with dynamic actions that appears depending on the QR Code’s contents)

Text to ASCII (Converts text into ASCII art)

Search Master (Search the web with text, voice and image search)

File Vault (Encrypt your files with near military-grade encryption, powered by CryptoKit)


Multi-language (Currently supports English and Chinese)

Special UpdateKit 3.0 implementation (Update checker that doesn’t require UpdateKit, but uses it if available)

Semi-Automatic Update Checker (Checks for updates everytime the shortcut is started, but without annoying prompts that ruins the workflow)

Cleanup (Removes configuration files that the shortcut has generated)

Self-contained (All files are placed in a single folder named “AIOUtilities” for easy modification and removal.)

Avaliable anywhere (Can be used in any place that has Share Sheet support)(Requires All-in-One Helper)

Latest Release Notes

55.4 - June 9, 2019, 12:27 p.m.

Note: This update also adds CFU 2.0 (Thanks again to D3W10, check out Utilities Menu, it’s like All-in-One Utilities but more maintained)

This update removes iTweak so that the shortcut can finally be approved by moderators. I cannot update this version with iTweak Final because I updated my phone to iOS 13. Thank you so much to @D3W10 (Creator of Utilities Menu) for helping me make this update.

This will be the last version of All-in-One Utilities. A rewrite of the entire shortcut will be coming soon to the iOS 13 Shortcuts app called MyUtility and MyUtility Core, which are going to introduce complete rewrites to EVERY SINGLE UTILITY. It will also bring huge performance improvements to the shortcut, more details will be coming in the form of messages.

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