Tab Group ⇨ Apple Note

Quickly save an entire Safari Tab Group as a list of Apple Note hyperlinks. (Requires iOS 16)


Please note, this Shortcut requires you be on the iOS 16 Developer Beta as of this time because of its utilization of upcoming Rich Text support.

My other RoutineHub shortcuts for interacting with Safari Tabs

Tab Group to Apple Notes Shortcut

Thanks to iOS16's addition of Rich Text support to the Create Note and Append to Note Apple Notes actions, it's much much easier to use the native service to store lists of hyperlinks for Tab Groups in Safari via the Copy Links button found in the Tab Groups view:

Copy Links Button

This shortcut as configured by default assumes you've just done so. It creates a new Apple Note titled by DavodTime timestamp, appends #tabs immediately below, and then appends the rich text-formatted list of hyperlinks from the system clipboard. See this example output:

Example Shortcut Result

I was unable to successfully add the following setup steps (so you'll need to configure the shortcut manually,) but I'll do my best to come back and append them to a later version:

~~Choose a folder in Apple Notes in which to store Tab Group notes. (Required)~~

~~Choose tag(s) to append beneath Tab Group Apple Note titles. (Optional)~~


Latest Release Notes

1.0 - July 10, 2022, 9:59 p.m.

Initial release.