Instant Alpha Selfie

Use iOS16's new native Remove Background action to capture instant selfies with transparent backgrou


Instant Alpha Selfie Shortcut

Please note: as of the original release date, iOS16 Developer Beta is required for this Shortcut to run.*

An extremely rudimentary iOS16-only shortcut that utilizes the update's new Remove Background from Image action to automatically convert image data behind the (perceived) subject in a selfie captured within the shortcut by default to transparency . It then ensures said image will retain said transparency with a Convert Image action before saving the (copied) background-less output to an iCloud Photos folder specified at install.

Also specified at install: whether or not you'd like the Take Photo action to show a camera preview window (so that you can take the photo as you would normally) or not (the action will automatically capture an image.) I would highly recommend you leave the camera preview on for a variety of reasons which are best explained by the short video demo I recorded. Here are the example products, unedited, of my two runs of the shortcut in said video:

Instant Alpha Selfie Shortcut Example w/Camera Preview

Instant Alpha Selfie Shortcut Example w/o Camera Preview

Video Demo (Raw file link.)


Latest Release Notes

1.0 - July 14, 2022, 3:47 p.m.

Initial release.