Groceries (expanded)

Grocery List Organizer


Originally by Reddituser: Gijs1892 and updated by various users on discord and Reddit including @BetterRemindersApp and combined and updated by @hornuser

I took out any use of non-native apps and put various groceries list actions into one shortcut so I could easily share it with my wife.

In Version 1.06 I’ve also added the ability to quickly view your grocery list as well as very quickly delete items from the list. (Quicker than in the native Reminders app!)

Using Apples Reminders lists, Groceries (Expanded) moves between four options: Add a new item to the list, dictate a new item to the list, Share the list via iMessage, and when prompted answers the question “Should I buy Groceries?” (Thanks to @BetterRemindersApp)

Groceries (expanded) then does the rest of the work to add items via voice and text and when prompted sends the list to a loved one. When prompted by pressing the “Should I buy groceries” option it will let us know we should make a quick trip to buy groceries or when have many items, that we should make a big trip.

Finally, it has the new options of quickly viewing your grocery list, deleting items from the list and quickly getting to the Reminders app.

Latest Release Notes

1.08 - Oct. 18, 2018, 1:30 a.m.

I’ve given up on the deleting from list bug for now. Let me know if you have a good code to delete reminders without having it delete extra reminders.

Version history