Download Random Screw Tape

Download a random gem from the 343-tape deep DJ Screw Discography on in VBR mp3 format.


I must first note that I have never been so thrilled/proud about any Siri Shortcut as I am this - and those couple more that will follow, I hope -... This is magical stuff.

Download Random Screw Tape Shortcut

Using entirely native actions, this Shortcut choses a title (item ID) at random from the DJ Screw Discography on and downloads a .zip archive of the resulting Screw tape in the org's VBR .mp3 format. At installation, you'll be prompted to specify a folder in which to save these files. They'll be named by their no-spaces Archive ID for convenience.

Frankly, everything after the Save File should be considered very much optional, though I do personally find it quite astonishing how quickly/smoothly the Extract Archive action provides the repeat loop with audio files to play, should you just like to sit back and enjoy the magic.

Of course, one might also leave said actions in and add a few so that the job of unarchiving and saving the audio files is also accomplished in a run.

Video Demo


Latest Release Notes

1.0 - July 22, 2022, 5:03 p.m.

Initial release.