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Download all 343 tapes from the DJ Screw Discography on


Please see my "Download Random Screw Tape" Shortcut on RoutineHub if you're not quite ready to commit to the entirety of the discography just yet.

DJ Screw Discography Shortcut Result

Using entirely native actions, this Shortcut consecutively retrieves all 343 Screw Tapes from the DJ Screw Discography on as .zip archive files, which it then extracts into folders named by their respective IDs into a directory specified at install. You will also need to specify the directory in which you'd like the .zip files to live momentarily until they are deleted by the final Delete Files action after being extracted.

Be advised: upon running the Shortcut, you will need to agree (select OK) to two Show Alert prompts at run:

This is going to take a good long while but - especially if you can leave your device to it and do something else - it SHOULD complete its full, 343-tape task without interruption. I would highly recommend you set Auto-Lock to Never on your device to ensure the best chances of successful completion. This shortcut is about to offer to open the settings page for you.

You will then be asked if you'd like to proceed to the Auto-Lock view in Settings. A Wait to Return flow should ensure that the process proceed as soon as you (manually, sorry) return back to the Shortcuts app.

Set a directory into which the .zip archive files can (temporarily) live as they are extracted. They will be deleted. (Required.) Set the final directory into which you'd like the extracted per-chapter folders to be placed. (Required)

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1.1 - Aug. 8, 2022, 8:18 p.m.

- Add [audio notification](

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