Total Size Of Files

A handy shortcut to calculate the total size of a group of files.


Total Size Of Files is a handy shortcut to calculate the total size of a group of files.

How it works

  • Select the files in the Files app and share them with this shortcut to compute their total size.
  • In alternative you can open the shortcut and select the files you want to measure directly from there.
  • The shortcut will return a list with the size of each file followed by the total sum at the bottom.
  • The results are formatted as a pretty interactive HTML table initially sorted by file size. You can change the sort order clicking multiple times on the columns headers (3 states for each column: ascending, descending and original sort).
  • The generated table is a standalone html file. You can copy, export or print it.
  • Enjoy! :D

Known Issues

  • To get the informations on the files iOS needs to first download them behind the scenes (don't ask me why!). If the selected files are currently not in the iCloud Drive local cache, the system will try to download them and this will make the shortcut to slow down or (when the number of files is big) even crash completely. In those cases just wait until iOS had finished to synch the files locally and then run the shortcut again.



  • none


  • First Release: 2022-07-27 v1.0.0
  • Latest Release: 2022-08-30 v1.1.3
  • Author: u/fremenmuaddib
  • This shortcut is canonically available on RoutineHub at

Latest Release Notes

1.1.3 - Aug. 30, 2022, 5:31 p.m.

- Fixed a bug that caused wrong file names for txt files

Version history