Pokemon GO: Add Spotlight Hour to Calendar

❌ Not supported: read description


❌ Notice of End of Support ❌

This shortcut is no longer supported. Please use the Add Pokemon Go Events to Calendar shortcut instead.

Original shortcut description below:


This shortcut calculates the dates for the upcoming Tuesdays and extract's event details from the Leek Duck event page to add to your calendar. This can be used alongside the Pokemon Go: Add Raid Hour to Calendar shortcut to perform similar a function. Community Day shortcut coming soon!

You can also run the shortcut from your share sheet if you find a Leek Duck event page that isn't a Spotlight or Raid hour event. It will extract the date and time and allow you to add it to your calendar.

Note: There might be a slight error if your primary language is not English and the first day of the week in your region is a Monday. Please reach out if you encounter any issues.

Support If you need support setting up the shortcut or have ideas/feedback, please reach out to me:

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - Aug. 2, 2022, 11:52 p.m.

First version :)