PS574K3R [device native: hard-to-find "Item in Stock" checker and email notifier/sniper]

Receive automatic email notifications when hard-to-find items are back in stock. Native automation.


A dynamic, robust and highly user-configurable iOS Shortcut that visits product pages, job postings (or any other website of your choosing), scrapes the page and searches for user-defined inclusionary terms (ie. In Stock, Add to Cart, etc.) and user-configured exclusionary terms (Out of Stock, Unavailable, etc.) suppress the notification (or prevent false-positive notifications).

This project was initially conceived by its author as a way to level out the playing field between PS5 scalping bots and consumers, with a utility that allows you the actual opportunity to compete and react to items that sell out within mere minutes of being restocked and brings power back into the hands of consumers.

Please visit the project website ( for other useful shortcuts, you need help troubleshooting its setup/use, or you want to provide kudos/feedback to the author.

Some initial setup is required to get this script running. First, this works primarily on iPhone only, due to a bug within MacOS shortcuts. Second, there is some initial work configuring Shortcuts > Automations, manually setting up how often it checks (ie. 288 automations per day if it checks every 5 minutes) and how to more easily automate the toggling on/off along with suppressing the noise caused by the triggered Automation notifications themselves. So again, please visit the project's webpage for initial setup instructions and recommendations. It comes pre-configured with a working in-stock item via bhphotovideo, for you to play with if you manually run it so you can better understand how it operates.

Latest Release Notes

3.0b - Aug. 12, 2022, 12:18 a.m.

- First public release
- Scripting tests performed over the course of 6 months produce identical results, which suggests reliable/robust/stable function
- As a first release, this script will not work on javascript obfuscated/wait-in-line websites. While it loads the website natively in the browser, there is no logic, or plans in place to defeat such systems. Note: Note: script cannot be configured to automatically purchase items, only notify the user when they are back in stock. Use responsibly.