Download Social Media Video, view deleted Reddit posts, and open Apple Music Albums in iTunes

This shortcut can download videos from a variety of social media websites.


This shortcut can get download links for videos from YouTube, YouTube Playlists, Soundcloud, Reddit, Twitch, Twitter, TikTok, Bili-Bili, and Instagram, with the ability to chose the file format (audio or video), the file size, whether or not to include the watermark for TikTok videos, and for YouTube videos, the ability to download as Waveform audio. It also has the additional features of opening Apple Music links in iTunes and opening Reddit links in Reveddit to see deleted content, although these features can be turned off completely if you wish.

Latest Release Notes

7.00 - Sept. 15, 2022, 11:57 a.m.

- Added the ability to download YouTube MP3s in 320kps.

Version history