Service Status Checker

Check the status of multiple services with just one shortcut easily! ( Supports UpdateKit )


A one & done deal so you don’t have to install all of my shortcuts that check specific services server status. They are all bundled into one shortcut for the convenience & doesn’t clutter your possible existing collection of shortcuts.

This shortcut supports the UpdateKit API for updates.

Service Status Checker requires specific permissions to function properly:

• Notifications: This allows the shortcut to display important messages and alerts if there are any issues or important information to convey.

• Files: Access to iCloud Drive enables the shortcut to present a welcome page and provide updates as needed.

• Contacts: Permission to access your contacts is necessary for the shortcut to display options in the form of VCard menus, complete with icons, titles, and descriptions. Rest assured, the shortcut will not utilize your contact list.

• Internet Connection: The shortcut needs internet connectivity to check the status of included services and to update itself. It also verifies whether your device has an external IP Address to ensure proper functionality. Please note that your IP address will not be shared with the shortcut developer.

• Wi-Fi Network Name: To determine if the device is connected via Wi-Fi or Cellular Data, the shortcut requires knowledge of the network it is connected to. This information is essential for users to be aware of any potential additional charges from their cellular provider. If the shortcut is being used over Cellular Data, a warning will be displayed before proceeding with any further actions. This precautionary measure grants users the opportunity to halt the shortcut if they wish to avoid utilizing their data plan. The Wi-Fi and Cellular Network Names will not be shared with the shortcut developer.

Latest Release Notes

1.2.7 - Oct. 1, 2023, 6:14 p.m.

Updated the Rotinehub Icon to reflect Routinehubs new logo.

Version history