Obsidian Journal Entry

Creates a new journal entry with your current location and other information


This shortcut creates a new journal entry with metadata in Obsidian.

The reason a Shortcut is necessary is that Obsidian currently has no way to import GPS data.


  • Creates a journal entry in Obsidian with location and date/time information in the frontmatter. If invoked again the same day, will open the same note, adding a timestamp. If dated note is renamed, will create a new note
  • Automatically folds the frontmatter if the Advanced URI plugin is installed
  • If the Obsidian Leaflet plugin is installed, creates a Note info callout with metadata and a map
  • Creates a map of all your journal entries if you have Leaflet installed

To download: Tap the “Get Shortcut” button to the left. The Shortcuts app will open and offer to import the shortcut (if nothing happens after Shortcuts opens, come back and tap “Get Shortcut” again).

To use: After installing, tap the "…" button on the Journal Entry shortcut to edit it. Tap the "settings" button to get to the "Details" tab. Tap "Add to Home Screen," then tap "Add." A "Journal Entry" icon has been added to your Home screen. Tap it whenever you want to create a new journal entry.

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Latest Release Notes

1.3.1 - Sept. 3, 2022, 5:36 a.m.

##### Bug Fixes
- Eliminated unnecessary slowness when adding timestamps to daily notes
- Vastly sped up note creation by checking location faster but less accurately, and with no altitude data (added a hidden preference to go back to the old, slow way with altitude)

Version history