Save to Logseq

Use the Share sheet to save to your Logseq graph


Save to Logseq

A Siri Shortcut with one purpose: Use the Share sheet to save to your Logseq graph.

Use it to...

  • Add Quick Captures in the background, without switching to the Logseq app.
  • Add custom tags or texts - compared to the built-in Quick Capture feature.
  • Use your Quick Capture workflow with more content types.
  • Use your Quick Capture workflow with another destination than the journal.
  • Add a Quick Capture-like feature to macOS.


  • Save on macOS.
  • Save without switching app.
  • Append to journal or static page.
  • Fetch and include webpage title.
  • Attach selected text when saving a Safari webpage.
  • Convert unsupported image formats (heic 👀) to JPEG.
  • Get input from clipboard as fallback.
  • Input types supported:
    • Video stream URL (embeded video player)
    • Image file or URL (saved as asset and displayed inline)
    • File, PDF, video (saved as asset and linked)
    • URL (linked)
    • Rich text (converted to markdown)
    • Text (added as-is)


  • Choose your Logseq graph folder and you are ready to go!
  • Optionally add a static page as destination, instead of the journal. Use a path relative to the graph folder, for example "pages/".


The idea for this shortcut is stolen from the shortcut Save to Obsidian. Features in version 1 are quite similar and some of the original actions remains.

Feel free to write questions or suggestions in the comments.


Please support Calion, the creator of the original workflow:

This shortcut also contains actions from Translated Data Types

Latest Release Notes

1 - Sept. 4, 2022, 8 p.m.

Routinehub link fixed

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