Turn normal video to slo-mo or time-lapse and do the same with audio.Save,share,or view it



Turn normal video to slow motion or time lapse all without the need of a jailbreak and intense editing on photoshopp taking hours of your time! This shortcut simply does it for you and gives you multiple options with your finished result

Everyone knows you can’t turn normal video to slow motion or time lapse on iOS. You have to know before hand. And as a photographer, this can be annyoing at times. But look no further, this shortcut has got you covered.


With iVideo you can turn normal video into slow motion or into time lapse. You can also do the same with audio. You can convert video to audio and then turn it to time lapse or slo-mo also. You have the option to save it to clipboard, share it, view/hear it, or save it to camera roll,you can also trim your audio/video.

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Credit to @Rop for making the image for down below.

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1.1 - Dec. 22, 2018, 1:32 p.m.

Now you have the option to trim audio/video.

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