MCPE Toolbox for iOS

The first free non-jailbreak mod menu hack client for Minecraft on iOS devices ported to Shortcuts.


MCPE Toolbox for iOS is the first free non-jailbreak mod menu hack client for Minecraft on iOS devices. It contains hacks, an options editor, and a world editor. Unfortunately, we can only do render hacks because a simple shortcut can't access the memory. This means only hacks like X-Ray, Healthtags, Hitbox Display, etc., are available.

The mod menu of part of the shortcut isn't the only feature, though! There are also shortcut settings, which lets you customize the shortcut to your liking. Things such as "Show Notifications" and "Auto Launch" are in the shortcut settings, and you can probably already guess what those do. Other than shortcut settings, there's also a "Check for Updates" option, which checks for any newest updates available for the shortcut. These updates and versions are found on our website (which can also be found underneath the introduction). Now for the best experience after an update, you should reset the shortcut (found in the shortcut settings).

Now, why is this project unique? It's because a free mod menu/hack client for iOS devices has never happened before, especially on the shortcuts app. Remember that this shortcut will always be free.

We will upload YouTube videos about the project too. These videos will explain how MCPE Toolbox for iOS functions and how it was created. You can find the YouTube channel below, and one last thing to note is that this project will only support iOS 15.

This description was from the GitHub wiki page on the project. Go check that out!

Latest Release Notes

v1.0.2 - Nov. 12, 2022, 3:02 a.m.

What's New:

- Added Waypoints hack
- Added Invisible Skin hack
- Added more things to get removed upon resetting
- Changed hacks to now credit the original creator
- Changed the shortcut to no longer show on Apple Watch
- Changed other miscellaneous things

We now also have a YouTube channel and an official support email! Join the Discord for more information.

Version history