Photo Spam UltraFast lite - Quickly duplicate thousands of photos!

Spam any device you want with thousands of photos, in a quick and easy way!


Hey everyone! After a long break from uploading my shortcuts, I finally created one when I was at school on the school iPads... So basically our whole school only got 60 iPads, and when our Class uses them, we do research stuff and all that. Because our teachers don’t like to see random memes on the iPads or any photos at all, they just delete them after the lesson. So I thought why not create a tool that runs in the background for 1,5 hours and duplicates some photos to make it wayyyyy harder for the teachers to delete them all again😳😂. In the end, I got 24.889 photos on my iPad. I thought it was a pretty cool technique, so I remastered the shortcut for months, every week I found something I could do better or simply got new ideas to add, and now, I’m finally releasing it to y’all :)

Let me introduce Photo Spam UF Lite: A quick look (The picture on the left contains the not 'lite' version which I think isn’t needed to be uploaded because it isn’t important anyways so I removed it again..)

Quickly download it, select photos, type in the amount of copies, and let PhotoSpam UF Lite do the rest. It works on stable on iOS 15 and 16, but can also be used in iOS 14 (unstable).

There actually also is a second version, I’ll upload it to my profile soon. It’s called 'PhotoSpam ULW (ultra lightweight) 2000', it has almost no user interaction and is the quickest to setup. All you need to do is start it and choose the photos to be duplicated, then it will automatically redirect you to your Home Screen, and while it is duplicating the photos (2000 times), you can continue your work.

Here is a link to both of my shortcuts:

Copyright 2022 Aghate (I used MediaKit iPhone Mock-ups for the photo collages!)

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - Sept. 18, 2022, 12:02 a.m.

- initial release
- finally uploading this to the public after few months :)
Have fun