Splatoon 3: Current Map Rotation Notification

Receive a notification for the current Splatoon 3 Map & Mode Rotation



This shortcut sends you a push notification for the current Splatoon 3 map rotation for a specified mode. When setting up the shortcut, enter the mode type you wish to receive notifications from (Turf, Anarchy, X, League, or Salmon). This shortcut will only return the map and mode information for a single rotation type, see tips below for how to get multiple rotation types.


  1. To get multiple rotation types (eg. Turf and Anarchy), simply duplicate the shortcut and customize it with the other rotation type.
    • Getting information about multiple rotation types in the same push notification is not currently supported. If you'd like me to build out a shortcut that handles this, please contact me.
  2. This shortcut is best used when setting up an automation. Set up an automation for the time when map rotations change (depending on your timezone), then use the "Run shortcut" action to run this shortcut automatically. This way you get rotation information at the hour.
    • Note: sometimes it may take 15-20 seconds for the database to update. So adding a "Wait" action before the "Run shortcut" command is helpful!


If you need support setting up the shortcut or have ideas/feedback, please reach out to me:


Rotation data is provided by Splatoon3.ink, @splatoon3ink.

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Latest Release Notes

1.1 - Sept. 23, 2022, 7:37 a.m.

Version 1.1 now supports Salmon Run, enter Salmon into the text field when customizing your shortcut
Other updates:
* Updated the description inside the shortcut to explain how to use this shortcut
* Multi mode shortcut coming soon

Version history