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Control Centre Address Database

Used in several Control Centre Shortcuts and others by Tony Dudley What is it and why use it?

Basically it’s a place to store all your Favorite locations or Regular places you visit.

The reason it was built this way was a simple one, when I was building shortcuts I found I was writing the same data over and over again, and as I was updating shortcuts you were losing any data you put in the shortcuts, so it was two fold.

So by linking to this database you no long need to rewrite data again, and I no longer need to update it.

Pre filled with some locations to give you an idea how it works, simply replace the data as TEXT, it can take almost any type of address.

Used in mostly travel type shortcuts, and there is a tutorial on how to add this to your Shortcuts.

Used in the following shortcuts made by Tony Dudley
  • Control Centre Travel
  • Control Centre Daily Routines
  • Maps
  • Regular Places I Visit
  • Control Centre (Current Version)
  • Control Centre Weather Report
  • Waze NAV
  • Control Centre V5, V6 and Version 7

As you can see it’s a flexible and highly useable Shortcut.

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1 - Dec. 22, 2018, 3:17 p.m.


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