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Download Shortcuts from RoutineHub without exiting the shortcuts app


My first shortcut for the public. This shortcut lets you search for shortcuts, use a ID or a URL to view or install. You can also view authors. More features coming soon

The following permissions are required for normal function: The official routinehub API. Used to get the download link. A unofficial routinehub API for extra features such as searching, viewing shortcut and author details.

* Routinehub stores profile pictures here. Domain for iCloud shortcut links. The UpdateKit API by @mikebeas is hosted here.

Contacts: Used to create better menus. Refer to Creating visually appealing menus for more info or check the code.

Latest Release Notes

1.07 - Sept. 24, 2022, 7:38 a.m.

Rename “id” to “rhid” to add support for R Updater. That all folks. ;)

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