Show Clipboard

An accessibility shortcut to show you what's in your clipboard


Show Clipboard is a simple shortcut meant to be used with the back tap accessibility option to quickly preview what's on your clipboard.


I have a bit of a problem: I like copying links to Twitter posts and sharing them with various chats that I'm in, but I find that as soon as I switch away from Twitter I've already forgotten what's on my clipboard. It especially becomes annoying if I can't remember whether a link that I've copied is appropriate for a given chat, which could be the difference between sharing something they'll appreciate and getting myself scolded by the moderators (or banned).


After adding the shortcut to your phone, go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> Back Tap (at the bottom) and assign it to either double tap or triple tap. Afterwards, tap the back of your phone and it should launch automatically (I find it works best when you tap near the cameras).


Currently, there are no settings to configure.

This shortcut calls the UpdateKit service after previewing the clipboard to see if any shortcut updates exist. No information is shared, outside of the current version number of the shortcut.

Latest Release Notes

1.0.1 - Sept. 21, 2022, 6:03 a.m.

Fixed typo with update version skipping

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