Clipboard Translate Chinese

Translates clipboard with extra functions


Doesn't require pleco for main functionality

Opens a list with the following options:

  • View & Copy to history

    This option runs a shortcut called clipboard History module which just returns a sorted array of the items you've added by tapping this option this module is run automatically on start up to get the last item if current clipboard is empty

  • Google lens

    This option takes a screenshot and saves it for five seconds which gives you enough time to select the image before the delete prompt pops up. Google lens gives you the ability to translate almost anything that’s on your screen.

  • ! Search

    This option let you use brave search to search different websites for what you copied. Brave search supports DuckDuckGo bangs, which can be used in the following manner:

    Hello !yt

    This searches YouTube for "Hello".

    Note: this is different from how bangs are normally used on Brave or DDG since I thought it would be quicker to change the bang if it's at the end of copied text.

    If Chinese is detected for example if " 你好 " was copied then the deepL bang will be used by default:

    你好 !deepl

    This will go to deepL and translate it

  • Open.../Run...

    This option depends on whether or not Chinese was detected. If Chinese was detected it will show "Open in Pleco" otherwise I'm planning on implementing a "Text tools" Shortcut which can probably change text into different styles or use Morse code or something

  • This is the copied text

    Selecting the copied text will speak it with Chinese TTS.

  • This is the Translated text

    The Translated text uses Microsoft translator which needs to be connected to the internet. I've used JavaScript to detect if the device is connected to the internet so the short cut won’t fail to start if there is no Internet.

Options can change depending if a Url was detected (like show QR Code instead of translated text)

Latest Release Notes

0.01 - Sept. 21, 2022, 10:19 p.m.

This is my first time uploading to routine hub.
I'm not sure if the "clipboard history module shortcut" will get uploaded🤔... But you can just delete menu items if you don't want clipboard history. Some stuff still is still broken since I haven't finished adding it(url menu options are missing functionality in certain areas just copy non url to use normally again).

I used to create Android shortcuts until I broke my phone in an accident. I'm kinda frustrated that iOS doesn't have a lot of the things I've gotten used to from Android so I'm slowly adding that missing functionality... Well at least until I return to Android😎