Control Centre Travel updated 02/08/2019 (iOS 13)

Works with Control Centre


Control Centre Travel

update to shortcuts 2.2

Note requires Control Centre update to run available here

Dynamic Menu’s shown below on

  • Appointment

  • where am I

  • Take me Home
  • Park my Car (Return To Car shows time Parked and Location)

what's included

  • Get help quickly in Emergency
  • where am I?,
  • Park my Car,
  • Take me home,
  • Regular Places I visit,
  • Directions to next Event,
  • Share Location,
  • Find local Business (directions),
  • Find Local Business (Phone Number and call direct from the shortcut),
  • Use Public Transport,
  • Airplane Mode,
  • Travel Planning,
  • Timezones
  • Somewhere to Go (NEW)

  • So if it is travel related this is the shortcut to use Emergency gets you directions to Hospitals, Police Stations or a Doctors Where am I? Takes an accurate GPS reading to give your precise location, info is read out to you and copied to the clipboard should you need it Park my Car, using a Short Stay, ideal for shopping trips to places you don't know well, Long stay such as at an airport and Return to Car, gives you a walking Map back to the car.All are EXTREMELY USEFUL.

  • Regular places I visit uses the Address Database to get all your favourite locations, select a location and it takes you there via Goggle maps.

  • CC World Airport, find by country, ideal if you get stuck somewhere you can find the next nearest Airport or by iata code

  • Direction to next event uses your calendar to give directions to the event assuming an address is added Share my Location by iMessage just add the contact to send it too.

  • find local business, two versions one for directions and two, to get the phone number and call them direct from the shortcut. use Public Transport uses the power of Google Maps to find direction using only public transport, this is fun finding somewhere to go to Airplane mode, well I guess you know what this one does? Travel Planning, asks for two locations, feedback is how long to get there and distance Control Centre Timezone, want to know the time somewhere else in the world, then google maps will show you where it is New Control Centre Travel by Waze

Latest Release Notes

13.1 - Aug. 2, 2019, 12:19 p.m.

Updated Travel Planning which gave incorrect returns due to iOS 13 changes

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