Intelligent Charging (Off) (English Version) (Part 2)

A shortcut that makes your phone charge faster without missing calls or some notifications (Part 2).


This shortcut activates some functions that the Part 1 of this shortcut disables, to when the iPhone is unplugged, the iPhone back to normal.

Settings: To configure the shortcut, you need to create an automation in the Shortcuts app, in the Automations menu, create an automation to run on a personal iPhone or iPad, then click on Loader automation, and then click on when the iPhone is unplugged, then in next and click add action, search for action of "Run shortcut" and make to run shortcut "Intelligent Charging (Off) and then click next and disable "Ask when executing".

For this shortcut to work better we recommend installing our shortcut "Intelligent Charging (On).

This is the second part of two shortcuts.

First shortcut: Intelligent Charging (On) (English Version) (Part 1) (

This shortcut have a version in Portuguese.

Latest Release Notes

2.02 - Sept. 25, 2022, 5:22 p.m.

Add the English Language!