Ulysses Index

Create an alphabetized index of markdown-formatted hyperlinks for a given Ulysses group.


Ulysses Index Shortcut

Note: Actions is required for the alphabetization function of this shortcut. If you're unable/unwilling/uninterested in installing it, be sure to delete its actions.

This shortcut utilizes Ulysses' URL scheme and shortcuts actions to create an alphabetized list of markdown-formatted hyperlinks that can be used to open individual Ulysses notes. At each run, you'll be asked to choose a group in Ulysses to index. By default, the shortcut result is copied to the system clipboard.

Example result:

- [A Voyage to Lilliput](ulysses://x-callback-url/open?id=mnFKsa5S-NI8ycPOKkjd3g)
- [Heading: Writing in Ulysses](ulysses://x-callback-url/open?id=gbO0KyOfayXfuocPyRQiqw)
- [Learn More](ulysses://x-callback-url/open?id=2I69Ob8y21AMonKRpvvV9w)


Latest Release Notes

1.0 - Oct. 1, 2022, 9:51 a.m.

Initial release.