IPA manager

Manage your ipa's with ease. One shortcut to download the latest version of the ipa of your choosing


To use this short, it's very important to enable iCloud Drive or the shortcut can't create the folders that are needed. If you don't wish to use this location you can change the location on all of the tasks where a file or folder is being created/retrieved.

IPA manager is a shortcut that can easily be edited by novice users to add an IPA of their choosing (given it's on GitHub). It will always grab the latest version and offers various features like:

  • Easily add your IPA that's hosted on GitHub by adding a menu option and copying 4 tasks (these can be copied from the other tasks and you only have to edit the text fields to reflect the repo you want the IPA from).
  • Get informed if you're on the latest version when choosing the IPA you wish to check for.
  • Various options to Download and/or Install.
  • When installing an IPA, the shortcut will restart itself so you can start downloading the next IPA.
  • Cleanup options like:
  • When downloading and installing, it'll remove the older version automatically.
  • Delete the sub or entire folder incase you want to remove or start fresh again.
  • No need to download the files app, everything is done from the shortcut.
  • By using the iCloud Drive > Shortcuts location, all the IPA's will be sync'd across your devices. Meaning you only have to download/install the IPA once and on your other device you only have to hit install.
  • Comments how the shortcut is made and comments for users how to add another IPA (you can also suggest an IPA aslong as it's hosted on GitHub and has releases with only one attachment containing the IPA file).

Bugs/Ideas: - Currently, it's only possible to get the IPA from the latest release if this release has one attachment which is the IPA file. If there are multiple the user gets prompted to choose out of multiple exactly named dictionary options. If they choose the right one it'll work. But it's not ideal.

This shortcut only works with GitHub as this is where i see the mayority of the IPA's being hosted on. However feel free to modify or contribute other options.

Big thanks to the Shortcuts, sideload, jailbreak and altstore communities for making idevices fun and enjoyable!

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - Oct. 1, 2022, 10:19 a.m.

Initial version 🍺.