Screen Translate Chinese

Translate Chinese on your screen quickly with back tap or assistive touch


This shortcut was designed to be used with back tap or as an assistive touch shortcut. Once configured you can use it to quickly translate Chinese text.

By default It doesn't use Google lens translate unless you activate it in the shortcut's dictionary of options. If you choose to enable Google lens translation the shortcut will take a screenshot which can then be selected in the album view of lens before the delete prompt shows up.

Remarks: I have this shortcut configured to use the triple back tap. For the double back tap I created another shortcut called Clipboard Translate Chinese. Together these two shortcuts have helped me fill the gap left by more advanced tools I had originally created for my Android phone. I hope they can help others too.

Latest Release Notes

1 - Oct. 3, 2022, 4:57 a.m.

First release