Hypothes.is Markdown

Copy markdown-formatted Hypothes.is annotation share URL content to the system clipboard.



This shortcut uses Hypothes.is' Fetch API call to retrieve specific data from a single public annotation's share URL. This allows for the requests to be made unauthenticated.

By default, results are arranged in the markdown format shown below and copied to the system clipboard.

I have left it configured precisely as I use it with my own annotations, including actions from both the Actions app and Text Case.


- *[{title}]({contextURL})*


> You can link to a particular row by clicking the row number, or select multiple rows by holding down the shift key. Just copy the URL and send it to a friend.


I am semi-legitimately angry I am just now finding out about this.

[Here's an example](http://insert-your-link-here.com) that actually works!

- *[Working with non-code files](https://hyp.is/dSnCBCQFEe2q_U-mmJbO_g/docs.github.com/en/repositories/working-with-files/using-files/working-with-non-code-files)*

Video Demo


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1.0 - Oct. 3, 2022, 12:46 p.m.

Initial release.