Invasive Apps

Check your device for privacy-invading apps using the x-callback method


This shortcut will check your device for dozens of so-called invasive apps.

Learn more about "invasive apps" from a 2021 pCloud study.

The shortcut was made as a demonstration of using x-callback to detect installed apps.

Learn more about using x-callback with shortcuts from this excellent guide by @gluebyte.

Also, check out my App Privacy Dashboard research tool to compare the “privacy cost” of apps.

Invasive apps 1

Invasive apps 2

This shortcut will ask for permission to create, modify and delete files. It will also ask for permission to contact the website, which redirects the x-callback URL back to the Shortcuts app. No personal data is transmitted.

Latest Release Notes

0.2.6 - Nov. 24, 2022, 10:05 p.m.

- Optimized main menu

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