Enter the matrix


What is the matrix?

The Matrix is a simulated reality created by machines to enslave humans. But as the chosen one you can break free and customize your own Matrix with options like color, blend mode, image, screenshot and more. Choose your own destiny: take the red pill or the blue pill and get a random quote from Morpheus, the leader of the rebels.

This shortcut uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so it works in shortcuts WebView or Safari browser.

For best results when using screenshot blend modes use dark mode. Feel free to experiment with different options.

Options explained

  • color (String) Pick a CSS color for the text/image tint. Some colors to try: red, turquoise, darkgreen, yellow, rebeccapurple, lime.

  • blend-mode (string) Controls screenshot color blending. Some options to try: luminosity, multiply, darken, difference, exclusion. Works best in dark mode. A value of normal disables color blending.

  • image (Boolean) If true and screenshot is false this will show an option to pick an image.

  • screenshot (Boolean) If image is true and this option is enabled, it will take a screenshot that will be used as a background.

  • wait (String threatened to Number) If screenshot is true it will wait a number of seconds. This is useful when launching the shortcut with assistive touch.

  • forceDark (Boolean) If enabled, it will force dark mode if screenshot is true.

  • offer (Boolean) If true, will show menu to choose pill color. If blue pill chosen, it it will show notification with a Morpheus quote and SVG image. Quote and Image background color is randomized.

  • safari (Boolean) If true, it will open in safari; safari gives the option to add to home screen (Option removed after iOS 16.x.x). If false matrix will open in a WebView.

  • title (String) Set title for WebView window bar / safari tab

Latest Release Notes

2.0 - June 10, 2023, 8:30 p.m.

+ ability to change colors
+ ability to pick an image from gallery
+ Screenshot matches screen background, so no weird squished or stretched background
+ image blend modes support
+ ability to easily change title bar text
+ New option force dark mode for screenshots

Version history