Spotify Web Api Credentials Setup (Authorization Code Flow)

Simplifies the setup to obtain spotify web api credentials


Spotify web API credentials utility

It's mandatory to use the „Authorization Code Flow“ of the Spotify API in order to create and modify Playlists (among other tasks). A search token is not enough, more privileges are needed in order to modify a user‘s data. Therefore please follow these steps. This whole process has to be done only once!

  1. First, create a new app and get your client id and client secret from the Spotify Developer Dashboard.
  2. Download DataJar from the AppStore, open it and create a dictionary named spotifyApi. Put your client id and secret inside this dictionary:
    • spotify client id has to be named clientId (type: Text)
    • spotify client secret has to be named clientSecret (type: Text)
    The result should look like this: screenshot

  3. Run this shortcut here, enter your Spotify username when asked during the first setup.
  4. Important! A Spotify web page will be opened asking you to login and grant permissions (scroll down if necessary). After your permission you will be redirected to the page. Please make sure to copy the redirect url by pressing the share-button and then "copy".

  5. If everything went smooth you will have both an accessToken and a refreshToken inside your spotifyApi dictionary in DataJar. This is used in all my Shortcuts which use the authorization flow. From now on it‘s possible to always have a valid token or once it expired, just use the existing refresh token to obtain a new one without any user interaction. My shortcuts will take care of it, you don't have to worry about it.

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