Share links to a device in PushBullet

With this shortcut you'll be able to share a link via the share sheet to an active PushBullet device


Whenever a user presses a share button in iOS, the share sheet opens.

If the type of item to be shared is a link/url, the user will have the option to share it to an active device on PushBullet.

It currently only supports pushing links. The links will:

  • automatically open in your browser if you have the PushBullet extension and have the option for this feature enabled (it should be on by default).
  • show up as a normal PushBullet push notification and you will be able to click them to open the link as usual.


You will need to generate a personal Access Token and provide it in the shortcut via the Import Questions. To do so, login to your PushBullet account and visit: Under the Access Tokens section, there is a "Create Access Token" button. Press it and a random string will appear. Once you install this Shortcut, it will ask you for this string.

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - Nov. 20, 2022, 4:30 p.m.

Initial release. Currently only supports pushing links to a device of your choice.

Version history