Active Shooter

Get Help During An Active Shooter Situation And/Or Get Prepared For One!


This shortcut activates a chain of events to get you help during an Active Shooter Situation.

It also helps get you prepared in case of an Active Shooter situation.

It pauses your music if any is playing, turns volume to 0%, turns display brightness to 0%, turns on Do Not Disturb, takes Photos with the front and rear camera and saves them to your photos, gets your current location and sends it to a contact you pick when first installing this Shortcut. Last but not least it starts an audio recording and after 60 mins or whatever duration you pick, it will automatically save the recorded audio to your iCloud Files.

I created this shortcut to possibly save a life.

Stay safe out there and stay alert.


Latest Release Notes

1.2 - Dec. 27, 2018, 4 p.m.

Added “Be Ready” from the official Homeland Security website.

It gives you all the info to get as prepared as you can when you unfortunately happen to be in an Active Shooter situation.

Stay safe and stay alert!

Version history