Add Songs To Spotify Playlist

This shortcut adds one song or a given collection of songs to a Spotify playlist.


Add Songs To Spotify Playlist

This shortcut is one of a collection of my Spotify shortcuts. It simplifies the process of adding one ore more songs at once to an existing Spotify playlist by using the official Spotify Web API.

Important: This shortcut depends on another additional shortcut which you need to download first in order to make it work:

Spotify Web Api Credentials Setup

Please download the above shortcut beforehand and make sure to follow the instructions how to set it up! This has to be done only once and I use the resulting crendentials from DataJar in all my other Spotify shortcuts.

You'll need the DataJar app to get my Spotify shortcuts to work. DataJar makes it easy and secure to store all Spotify API credentials without the risk to share them by accident. Necessary tokens will be reused as long as they are valid and automatically refreshed otherwise. You don't have to bother with any authentication-related stuff by yourself.

How it works: This shortcut expects a dictionary as input containing the following attributes:

  • playlistId (Text, required)
  • songs (either a single song id as Text or a collection of song ids as arary, required)

Preview: Here's an example of the simplest way how you can use this shortcut in your own ones. Either add a single song screenshot

Or add a collection of songs ("Add to variable" → uri)


Spotify Shortcuts Collection: Here's an overview of my other Spotify shortcuts which you can use in your own shortcuts by involving the "Run shorcut" action:

If you are only using the search shortcuts, make sure you have run and setup the Spotify Get Search Token utility shortcut once. If you want to create or modify playlists as well, you have to run the Spotify Web Api Credentials Setup utility once as it requires more privileges. Upon success, you'll never have to run these two shortcuts again because all the needed credentials will be stored in and read from DataJar. No sensible information will be stored inside my shortcuts at any time.

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