Grab & Copy Subject

Copy subjects of images from websites, or take camera photos that have only subjects (no background)


New version 2.0: add the ability to copy the subjects of website images for browsers that are not Safari (such as Chrome)

Now the main feature is to directly copy the subject of an image from a website and paste it wherever you want. Safari, as well as its similar browsers (such as Brave), has this “Copy Subject” feature, but Google Chrome along with its Chromium-powered browsers (such as Microsoft Edge) does not. That is why I make this shortcut for these Chromium browsers. Now Chrome and Edge browsers can Copy Subjects just like Safari.


  • Feature 1: Copy Subject

For Chrome, touch and hold an image to make the options show up. Then you choose “Open Image“ to open that image’s URL. After that, you choose the share icon next to the URL bar. Finally, you choose “Grab & Copy Subject” in the list of shortcuts —> Result: The background of that chosen image is eliminated, and the picture of the subject is copied to your clipboard and is ready to be pasted on other apps (for example, you can paste it in the Notes app or the Messages app)

*With Edge, the share icon is next to the tab icon (the icon that shows the number of tabs).

  • Feature 2: Grab Subject.

Open this shortcut in the Shortcuts app, the shortcut will run and your camera will be opened. You can take a picture from your phone camera with this shortcut, and the image you get only has the subject that you need to capture - no background whatsoever. After getting the result, you can choose to copy the image or save it to the Photos app or the Files app.

*Tip: You can add this shortcut to your home screen to use it quickly.

Relevant Advertisement (no need to read): *Despite not having the feature “Copy Subject”, Google Chrome and its Chromium-powered browsers have a very useful feature which is “Search Google for this image”. What this feature is used for: Touch and hold an image to search for the same images (or similar ones) on other websites. Safari does not have this useful feature so I made a shortcut named “Google Reverse Image Search” (the only “Google Reverse Image Search” shortcut that can work with iOS 16 and newer versions) to add this feature to Safari. Check it out:

Latest Release Notes

2.0 - March 11, 2023, 4:42 p.m.

New version 2.0: add the ability to copy the subjects of website images for browsers that are not Safari (such as Chrome or Edge)

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