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A voice activated assistant powered by OpenAI Davinci


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Hey! There’s a couple of things to know before using these shortcuts.

  • For the voice activated shortcut, rename it to something simple. That way you can simply activate Siri and say something like “Ask Kip” to start the shortcut
  • In each shortcut, expand the “Get contents of URL” action. You’ll see a key:field called “Authorization:Bearer API-Key”. To get your api key, follow step 3
  • To set up your api access in openAPI Sign up for an account. If you use chatGPT then you’ve already done this
  • Go to your profile and manage Api keys.
  • Create a new key. You only have one chance to copy the key so don’t forget to save it somewhere
  • Replace API-KEY in each shortcut with the key you just generated.

Disclaimers: - Using the OpenAI API will incur charges if you exceed your granted token amount. - I am not liable for any monetary charges incurred by use of this shortcut template - I put these shortcuts together in less than an hour and they are by no means perfect. Kip doesn’t maintain sessions, so any new question is like starting over with the AI having zero context about your previous question.

Since this is a relatively basic shortcut that anyone can make, I’m not charging for any of it. Maybe in the future I’ll make something more functional. That being said, if you wanna buy me a coffee I’m not gonna object: $cottsTots is my CashApp

Latest Release Notes

0.5 - Dec. 19, 2022, 9:09 p.m.

Added import question for the API-KEY
Updated voice to mimic SIRI

Version history