Splatoon 3: Events Calendar

Add Challenges, Splatfests, and Salmon Run rotation data to your calendar


3 iPhone homescreen mockups displaying how to use the shortcut. The first displays selecting the default calendar, the second shows the calendar app with an event added, the third shows details of the event. Text on graphic reads: Splatoon 3 Events Calendar. How to us: Choose desired events and calendar, Run shortcut! Tip: Shortcut works best used as an automation that runs once a week to keep the calendar up to date. iOS Shortcut by @lostcat420 and data provided by splatoon3.ink. To download the shortcut visit tinyurl.com/splat-calendar


This shortcut pulls Nintendo's Splatoon 3 schedule data from Splatoon3.ink's Schedule and Festivals API then adds events to your calendar. The following events are included by default and can be removed during the setup process:

  • 🎪 Challenges
  • 🎉 Splatfests
  • Salmon Run Events
    • 🐟 Normal Job Rotations
    • 🏆 Big Run
    • 🏅 Eggstra Work

Please note that event dates only become available as they appear in the Splatnet app. That means Splatfest, Big Run, and Eggstra events will only be added to your calendar within 1 week of the event, even if the announced date is previously known.


  1. During the shortcut set up process, remove any event types you do not want added to your calendar. Then specify the Calendar you want the events added to.
  2. Secondly, allow the shortcut to delete events from your calendar. This will prevent the shortcut from adding duplicate events to your calendar.

    Tip: Shortcuts have the ability to delete events without the confirmation step, but you need manually to activate that setting in your iOS settings Settings > Shortcuts > Advanced > Toggle on: Allow Deleting without Confirmation

  3. Set up a personal automation to run this shortcut once a week, it should keep your calendar up to date.


If you need support setting up the shortcut or have ideas/feedback, please reach out to me:


Rotation data is provided by Splatoon3.ink, @splatoon3ink.

iPhone mockups are provided by Screenshot Framer.

Version updater is based on a variation created by gluebyte.

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Splatoon 3

Latest Release Notes

2.1.0 - Sept. 2, 2023, 8:54 p.m.

Added the ability to customize the shortcut to only include Salmon Run rotations with Grizzco weapons
Added action to server side data to allow for future updates without updating the shortcut

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