Quran page everyday

Send Quran page everyday to WhatsApp group or person


This shortcut was created to send a random Quran page to a Whatsapp group/Person every day.

⚠️ Please note:

  • You need to add Recipients to the shortcut (To whom you'd like to send the Quran) you can do that easily by opening the shortcut and scrolling till the end and selecting your desired contact.

  • Create personal automation (Time of the day, when the Alarm goes off, ...etc) to trigger the shortcut :).

Don't forget me from your Dua, May god bless you.

Credits to Quran API: https://alquran.cloud/api

Latest Release Notes

0.3 - Dec. 21, 2022, 3:44 p.m.

Remove notification and send the Quran page without confirmation.

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