My RoutineKit

Run your personal RoutineKit daily briefings and routines


This shortcut is designed to be used with the RoutineKit shortcut. Just change the Dictionary below to have the titles and shortcuts you want to run in the order you want them in.

Compatible shortcuts include: * Say Hello * Say Something * Say Goodbye * Battery Level * Weather * Remaining Schedule (meetings and reminders) * Quote of the Day * Word of the Day * Joke of the Day * Bible Verse of the Day * Horoscope * Random Shower Thoughts * News Feed (Reuters, NYT, MacRumors, etc.) * And many more to come, such as Health Data, Urban Dictionary WOTD, etc.

Note that this shortcut purposely will NOT notify you of updates because it is designed to be the version that you edit for yourself. You can check the RoutineKit shortcut for updates to inspire you here as that shortcut WILL broadcast updates.

Keywords: Routines, briefing, morning, afternoon, night, schedule, calendar, appointments, reminders, to-do's, news, jokes, quotes, horoscope, bible, verse

Supports: RoutineKit

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Watch (limited), HomePod (limited)

Latest Release Notes

2.0 - Sept. 30, 2019, 3:46 p.m.

Fixes for iOS 13.1

Version history